When Jesus Stands Still

stop_sign“When Jesus heard them, he stood still and called, ’What do you want me to do for you?’ ‘Lord,’ they said, ‘we want to see!’” 

— Matthew 20:32-33



Jesus came into the world to serve others and to save the lost (Matthew 20:28). Because of this, the years of His public ministry were especially crowded with action. He was ever on the move.



Constantly under pressure from the crowd, His enemies, and the enormous responsibility of His earthly task, He wore Himself out for others. He worked almost without rest until His body became thin and emaciated from the strain.



When nailed to the accursed tree for our redemption, He was so gaunt that all of His bones could be counted (Psalm 22:14-17). So swift was the pace that Jesus set, so crowded was His schedule, that if all  His activity had been recorded, the Bible today would not be a single book, but rather a library of tremendous size (John 21:25).



Yet, with all His heavy duties and vast activity, Jesus was never too busy to help any individual who in faith claimed His attention. When two blind beggars on the Jericho road cried out for help and mercy, Jesus stood still! With a look of pity He turned, touched their eyes, and restored to them the gift of sight. Having ministered to their need, He again immediately moves forward, for we find that to thank Him they had to “follow Him” (Matthew 20:34).



I am discovering, on a daily basis, that Jesus is never too busy to hear the cry of one who is seeking help or spiritual insight. If you are finding yourself in dire circumstances, feel free to call upon Him, for He will never pass you by.


My favorite hymn writer expressed her heart this way:


Pass me not, oh gentle Savior,

Hear my humble cry;

While on others Thou art calling,

Do not pass me by.”  – Fanny Crosby



He will stand still and minister to your need. If you have received His blessing you should no longer sit on the sidelines of life. Show your gratitude by following Him!

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