Too Busy




“’While your servant was busy here and there, he was gone. Then the king of Israel said to him, ‘So shall your judgment be; you yourself have decided it.’”  — 1 Kings 20:40



God’s prophet told a sad story about himself to King Ahab. It was the sad confession of a soldier whose responsibility had been the safe-keeping of a prisoner of war. To allow such a prisoner to escape was a crime of the gravest nature.



His one duty was to guard that prisoner day and night. He was excused from every other duty but this one, to see that the prisoner did not escape and carry valuable information to the enemy. But this servant neglected his important duty and busied himself with unimportant and non-essential details.



His sad but honest confession was “while your servant was busy here and there—he was gone.” This man was busy, but not with the most important things. What a lesson for us today—at this time of year. We, too, have a responsibility to know Christ and to make Him known to a lost and dying world. But how often we are too busy “here and there” and forget the most important tasks.



Paul said that priority number one is, “…that I may know Him” (Philippians 3:10). First and foremost, we must know God. Without Him we are nothing!



Jesus said, “you shall be my witnesses…” (Acts 1:8). Priority number one (when you’re God you can have two priority one’s) is that those who do not know Him are told of His love, mercy, and free gift of eternal life.



All else that we do besides knowing God and making Him known is busy-work!  All else is unimportant and non-essential. If we are too busy for His priority, we are just too busy.



A visitor in America once drove to Niagara Falls about which he had heard so much. He had come hundreds of miles to see the great sight. When about seven miles from the falls he thought he could hear the roar of water, and seeing a man in a field, inquired, “Are those the falls I hear?” The man replied, “It could be, I don’t know, but it could be. What of it if it is?” With surprise the visitor asked, “Do you live here?” ”Born and raised here,” was the answer. “And yet you don’t know if that is the thunder of the falls?” “No, stranger,” he said, “I have never seen them; I am too busy with my farm.”



Are you missing God’s best today, because you are too busy?


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