The Way Ahead



“For the Lord knows the way of the righteous…”   

— Psalm 1:6



There is a man, a pastor, who has come to be precious to me. We do not see eye to eye on some things but his infirmity and my prayer for him has given me to a genuine love for Philip.



He has bravely accepted as his creed, “I do not know what tomorrow holds but I know who holds tomorrow.” I am praying for his cancer as I write.



God knows our way through this day, this month, and this year. The word “way” in this verse means “trodden path.” But Joshua 3:4 reads, “For ye have not passed this way before.” If we have not taken this way before, how can it be a trodden path for us?



One night, while living in Germany, we had a snow storm.  The next morning I watched our neighbor with her two small girls and two neighborhood boys playing “Follow the Leader” in the snow. She went ahead of them as their leader, making a trodden path in the snow. As long as they followed in her path they had no trouble. But when they left the path, they stumbled and fell.



In our Christian lives we can follow the Leader, who is the Lord, “simply fixing our gaze upon Jesus, our Prince Leader in the faith” (Weymouth). The way ahead is unknown to us, for we have not taken it before. But as we follow our Lord who goes before us, it becomes a trodden path for us.



Today does your way ahead look dark? Are the clouds hanging low? Are there shadows surrounding you? Your leader, Jesus Christ knows your way ahead. Keep your eyes on Him and your unknown way will become a trodden path as you follow…


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