Finding a Place for Prayer



“But when you pray, go away by yourself, shut the door behind you, and pray to your Father in private. Then your Father, who sees everything, will reward you.”  — Matthew 6:6



When a native in Uganda accepted Christ, he was told to select a quiet spot in the bush for his daily devotions. As he went there daily, a path was worn in the grass.



But the grass grew rapidly. If he missed a day, the grass grew a little, making the path less distinct. If he missed a second day, the grass grew higher.



If he continued to miss his quiet time, the path completely disappeared. The spiritual condition of the natives was gauged by their prayer paths. Do we have distinct prayer paths into God’s presence, or has the grass grown over them because we have neglected our quiet times?



It has been said of prayer, “The equipment for the inner life of prayer is simple. It consists of a quiet place, a quiet time and a quiet heart.” These are not easily achieved.



Perhaps it is difficult to find a place where we can have solitude and quiet. It may be that our schedules are so full that we have difficulty finding a time to be quiet. There may be so much tension, confusion and turmoil in our lives that it seems impossible to quiet our hearts in His presence.



Our quiet time with God is important. A dear Christian mother was left to rear a family of little ones. She knew she couldn’t do this without God’s help, so each day she went into her bedroom, her “quiet place,” for a time of prayer.



Her children were very small and she was afraid to leave them alone so she gave them toys with which to play while she prayed. Then she would say, “You must be quiet for awhile—Mommie is going to talk with Jesus.” At first she left them alone for only a very few minutes.



As they grew older, however, she lengthened her quiet time. What a rich heritage those children enjoyed as they grew up with the precious assurance that “Mommie talked with Jesus!”

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