Instructions for the Obstructions



“Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him, and he will help you.” – Psalm 37:5



Got problems—God is bigger! When there seems to be no solution to what you are facing remember that God says, “Commit…trust…and I will help you!” This is a conditional promise. He will work in our behalf if we commit and trust.



The word “commit” has several meanings: “to entrust”; “to hand over to someone else”; “to let go so another can take over.” A clearer picture of the meaning of “commit” is found in the process of our mail system. When we mail a letter, we have confidence that the Post Office Department will deliver it to the person to whom it is addressed. However, the letter cannot be delivered until we “let go” and drop it in the mailbox.



What needs do you have? What problems? There is not one too great or too small to bring to God. He is saying, “Hand it over to Me; trust Me with it.” Drop it into God’s Mailbox, take your hands off completely and let Him work.



A literal translation can read, “Roll upon Jehovah thy way; trust upon Him; and He works.” When our burdens seem too heavy to lift, we can roll them on Him. Then He works; the meaning is not “will work” but “is working now.” Someone has said, “Relinquish and rest; then leave the results to Him.



A pilot, lost in the clouds and fog, was not experienced in instrument landing. The airport tower promised to bring him in on radar. He began to receive his instructions when suddenly he remembered a tall pole which was in the flight path. Frantically he called the tower. The command came back, “You obey the instructions: we will take care of the obstructions!



We may be in a fog. The clouds of trouble may be heavy above us. We may be looking only at the obstacles before us. God says, “You are to obey My instructions (commit and trust); I will take care of the obstructions (and bring it to pass).”

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