Eloquence or Earnestness



“The Lord looks down from Heaven…to see if there are any who understand, who seek God.”  –Psalm 14:2



Matthew Huffman, the son of missionaries in Salvador, Brazil, awoke one morning complaining of a fever. As his temperature soared, he began to lose his eyesight.  His mother and father put him in the car and raced to the nearest hospital.



As they drove, the boy lay in his mother’s lap, listless. Then suddenly, he put one hand in the air. His mother took it gently and pulled it down to his body. He extended it again. Again, she pulled it down. A third time, he reached into the air.



Confused at this unusual behavior, she asked her son, “what are you reaching for?” He answered, “I’m reaching for Jesus’ hand.”



With those words, Matthew closed his eyes and slid into a coma from which he never awakened. He died two days later, a victim of bacterial memingitis.



Matthew did not have a long life, but he learned the most important lesson a person can learn before he or she dies; He learned whom to reach for in the hour of death.



Matthew’s upstretched hand was more eloquent than any prayer he might have made. It said in action what words could never fully convey.



Are reaching up for God today with all that you are? Not only must we reach for God at our time of death, but also for the strength to live today.

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