Whose Side are You On?



“When they saw the courage of Peter and John and realized that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” – Acts 4:13



We are in the final days before the presidential election.  Everyone is choosing sides. God, by His Spirit is calling his people to prayer like I have never seen before. I understand that how I approach prayer in these times shows whose side I am on. I understand that no Christian is greater than his prayer life.



In the early days of the formation of the United States, a stranger once asked how he might identify George Washington among those present at Congress. He was told, “You can easily distinguish him when Congress goes to prayer. Washington is the gentleman who kneels.”



Washington had a long-standing reputation as a man of prayer. At Valley Forge, he frequently found rest and relief in prayer. One day a farmer approaching the military camp heard and earnest voice. When he drew nearer, he saw Washington on his knees, his cheeks wet with tears. The farmer returned home and said to his wife: “George Washington will succeed! George Washington will succeed! The Americans will secure their independence!”



“What makes you think so, Isaac?” his wife asked. The farmer replied, “I heard him pray, Hannah, out in the woods today, and the Lord will surely hear his prayer. He will, Hannah; thee may rest assured He will.”



George Washington was on God’s side, and was honored for it! One person, willing to humble himself and pray can leave a legacy of faith and hope, giving courage to future generations.



I don’t know what others may do, but I am going to pray my way into the ballot booth.  Not just that, I’ll be praying when I come out the other side!  Pray—let there be no doubt which side you’re on!


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