From Fear to Fortune



“Then Jesus said to the disciples, ’Have faith in God.’”  — Mark 11:22



Several years ago a magazine told of an organization that offered $5,000 for capturing wolves alive. Sam and Jed set out looking for wolves to capture.



Exhausted one night, they fell asleep talking about their fortune. Suddenly, Sam was awakened by wolves that were circling them. He cried, “Wake up, Jed! We’re rich!



All of us are surrounded by wolves at one time or another.  They can take the form of physical or financial crisis.  They might be personal failures or relationship issues. 



One thing is for sure, we can know that when people, circumstances and things begin to rob us of our peace and replace our joy with fear, that we are seeing things from the wrong perspective – our perspective.




God wants us to trust Him. Jesus told His disciples to have faith in God…to see and approach things from God’s perspective.



The wolves can be feared or fought. We can be victors or victims. The one who’s victorious is the one who has faith in God. With Him we win!


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