Fathers: Look Right and Lead Right!

“I look up to the mountains – does my help come from there? My help comes from the Lord, who made Heaven and earth.”  — (Psalm 121:1-2)



A young man was learning to plow with a tractor.  He climbed onto the seat of the tractor for his first “solo run,” pulled the leaver that dropped the plow to the ground, and started across the field.  After he had gone a few yards, he turned around to look at the furrow he was making.  He became entranced by the rushing flow of topsoil along the plowshare – the rich, black soil turning over in a seemingly endless ribbon. 




By the time he turned back to see where he was going, he realized that the wheel of the tractor has swerved a number of times.  Glancing again behind him, he saw a wavering furrow, a permanent etching into the earth of his wandering eye.





The secret to pulling a straight furrow is not in watching the furrow that is made, but to set one’s sights across the field to a distant point, and to keep the nose of the tractor moving squarely toward that point. 




The point on which the eyes are fixed must be a fixed point, such as a tree, barn or hilltop.  Only an occasional brief backward glance is allowable!





The same holds true for our life of faith.  We are to keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus, who never changes, and to line up our behavior with His Word, looking back only rarely on our walk and ministry.





Fathers, every day we make choices of how we will spend our time and what will be our focus.  We must make sure to focus on building a relationship with our wife and children.  We must realize though that none of our relationships will be right if our relationship with Christ is not right.




The key to this is our “look.”  The way each day will look to you all starts with Who you are looking to.


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