It’s Not The Critic That Counts



“Who are you to condemn someone else’s servants? They are responsible to the Lord, so let Him judge whether they are right or wrong. And with the Lord’s help, they will do what is right and will receive His approval.” – Romans 14:4



In a very brief flurry of words President Theodore Roosevelt galvanized my backbone and inspired me to greater adventures when he wrote:



“It is not the critic who counts,

or how the strongman stumbled and fell,

or where the doer of deeds could have done better.


The credit belongs to the man

who is actually in the arena,

who knows the great enthusiasms,

the great devotion,

and who spends himself

in a worthy cause.



If he fails,

at least he fails while daring greatly,

so that he may never be

one of those cold and timid souls,

who know neither victory nor defeat.



Surely we have all felt the sting of the critic’s bite.  It paralyzes our passion and plagues our purposes. Criticism discourages devotion and dulls our delight. (Oops! Sorry for the attack of alliteration!)(Oh, there I go again!)



Seriously, the people who really influence us are not those who are always trying to correct by criticism. The ones who impact our lives are those who believe in us…who love and inspire us.


A young man heard a visiting speaker one Sunday and in telling his friend about it afterward said, “After hearing him speak I came away feeling I wanted to throw away something. I reached in my pocket and found some cigars, threw them away, and I’ve never touched them since.”



Come in contact with Jesus, and though He never says a word, you feel you want to throw away something.

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