Hidden Lives



“Then they found an Egyptian in the field…”

— 1 Samuel 30:11 (see verses 11-18)



A nameless slave gave aid to King David, allowing David to recover his riches from the enemy.  He then vanished from the view of Scripture, never to be heard from again.



Consider a picture of thousands of lives, whose exploits are never celebrated in newspapers, but whose names are written in the most important “Who’s Who” – the Lamb’s Book of Life. This picture is found in the words of George Eliot,



“The growing good of the world is partly dependent on unknown acts. That things are not so bad with you and me as they might be, is half owing to the number of people who lived faithfully a hidden life, and rest in unvisited tombs.”



Think about the blessings that have come to you and me from lives “hidden” from the crowd but known to God.  We cannot say “Thank you” to them many times because we simply do not know who they are!  We owe them.



How can we possibly repay the “unknown heroes” whose lives have aided us in walking closer to the Lord and who, through their sacrifices, have allowed us to know so much of God’s hand of blessing?  With gratitude, we can determine to join the company of those whose hidden lives are the blessing of the world.

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