Our Prayer — His Presence



“You have shown me the way of life, and you will fill me with the joy of your presence.” – Psalms 16:11



In A Slow and Certain Light, Elisabeth Elliot writes:


“When I lived in the forest of Ecuador I usually traveled on foot…Trails often led through streams and rivers which we had to wade, but sometimes there was a log high above the water which we had to cross.



I dreaded those logs and was always tempted to take the steep, hard way down into the ravine and up the other side. But the Indians would say, ‘Just walk across, senorita,’ and over they would go, light-footed and confident. I was barefoot as they were, but it was not enough.



On the log, I couldn’t keep from looking down at the river below. I knew I would slip. I had never been any good at balancing myself…so my guide would stretch out a hand, and the touch of it was all I needed.



I stopped worrying about slipping. I stopped looking down at the river or even at the log and looked at the guide, who held my hand with only the lightest touch. When I reached the other side, I realized that if I had slipped he could not have held me. But his being there and his touch were all I needed.”



A major source of comfort in prayer is simply realizing that God is there—that He is present.  The Christian cannot pray alone because He is there.



In the uncertain days that we are facing as believers, we need to remember that we have a God who provides and protects us. We have a guide that will lead us in safety and certainty to His desired destination. 



When it comes to prayer, His path is life and His presence is joy!


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