Your Picture on His Refrigerator



“…I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” – Jeremiah 31:3



While visiting in the home of one of our church folks I noticed a picture proudly displayed on her refrigerator.  After commenting on the “helicopter” her grandson had drawn, she informed me that she was quite proud of the “butterfly” he had given her.  I made my apologies about the mistake.



I could see the absolute love in her eyes. She beamingly spoke of the blessing her grandson was to her and how she wouldn’t trade that picture for all the money in the world.



As she spoke, the little boy came in and greeted her with a familiar, “Grandmamma, can I have something to eat?”  She quickly pulled the cookies from the cabinet and said to the little one, “I was just telling Brother Tony how proud I was of the butterfly you drew for me.”



The little boy’s puzzled expression was quickly followed by, “Grandmamma, that ain’t no butterfly, that’s a dinosaur eating a cave man!” Not missing a beat, the grandmother said, “Yes, and it’s so beautiful!”



As I think of the love that grandmother demonstrated that day, my heart and mind are drawn to the love and grace of God.  We are the flawed and imperfect pictures hanging on God’s refrigerator.



God sees our flaws.  He is keenly aware of our imperfections.  He knows that the picture of our lives doesn’t measure up to the one He created us to be.



In spite of it all, he loves us.  Not because we are good, because we are not.  Not because we deserve it, because we do not.  God loves us everlastingly because He is God.  That’s who He is…that’s what He does.



If you’ve come to Jesus for forgiveness and salvation, your picture is on His refrigerator and whether you look like a “butterfly” or a “dinosaur eating a caveman,” he loves you!


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