Unexpected Treasures


“Then Jacob awoke from his sleep and said, ”Surely the Lord is in this place, and I wasn’t even aware of it!”   — Genesis 28:16



About two years ago, while browsing at a flea market, I bought a book that I consider to be a real “find.”  The book, “How to Bring Men to Christ” was written by R.A. Torrey and was printed in 1893.  Wow! A book written over 100 years ago…and it only cost fifty cents! What a treasure!



To guard the condition of this book, I put it on the shelf immediately after arriving home.  That’s where it stayed for the next year.



Finally, I decided to take down this rare find and peruse its pages.  To my surprise, nestled in the pages of that book was a hand-written poem dated September 1, 1915. Little did I know when I purchased the book that this poem, “A Marriage Greeting,” would become the real treasure that I purchased that day.



Read these precious lines and discover for yourself the unexpected treasure that I have come to know and cherish:



A Marriage Greeting


Standing just upon the threshold

Of a life untried and new

May the Lord of Glory guide thee

And whatever lot betide thee

May thy heart to Him be true.



Star of earthly love now rising

O’er thy pathway clear and sweet

May it help to draw thee nearer

To the One who loves thee dearer

Help to keep thee at His feet.



May His blessing rest upon thee

And the partner of thy choice

Be His love your riches treasure

 And your sweetest dearest pleasure

Still to hear the Shepherd’s voice.



May you follow in His footsteps

Honor Him in all your ways

Be your highest aim His glory

So that all your life-long story

May be written in His praise.



When your pilgrimage is ended

And ye reach the land above

May ye then in sweet communion

Thank Him for this earthly union

He has given in His love.



This poem was signed: From Brother Frank with all good wishes.



Thank God for His unexpected treasures; and thank you Brother Frank for the treasure you left and I found! 



Jacob was surprised by God at Bethel.  God is waiting to surprise you and me. Don’t miss the blessing of God by overlooking Him in the “most unlikely of places.”


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