Consider the Turtle

“…but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”        

                            — Daniel 11:32



It is recorded that when James B. Conant was president of Harvard University, he kept among other objects on his desk a little figurine of a turtle under which was the inscription,


“Consider the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out.”



That is true!  You can prove it by watching any turtle.  No turtle ever moves forward when he is enclosed within his shell. 



The Christian life is all about risk.  God has not called us to an antiseptic existence with such protected parameters that we never touch the “outside world!”  On the contrary, God has thrust us into a world of unknown obstacles and challenges and said, “Trust me!”



For someone connected to Jesus Christ, risk means adventure.  Risk transports us from the mundane to the miraculous.



Risk for the believer means advance.  There is no armor for the backside of the Christian soldier!  Risk means going forward.



To those who walk with God, risk means adversity.  God has not called us to comfort but to a cross. The song rings true:


“Must Jesus bear His cross alone

And all the world go free?

No, there’s a cross for everyone,

And there’s a cross for me.”



Will you consider the turtle today?  How carefully we guard our necks!  We can become so afraid of taking risks we miss out on the best things of God. 



Our necks are not the most important things about us.  Our soul is the most important thing.  Take a risk today…for the glory of God!


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