With One Hand Tied Behind His Back



 “My times are in Your hand…” — (Psalm 31:15)



The plurality of me is met by the singularity of Him!  My Father is so great and wonderful that He can handle all my life with one hand tied behind His back!  My times are in His hand!



What are “my times?”  They are seasons, ups and downs, and every purpose I encounter while living “here below.”  My times are:


·       Beginning and ending times

·       Planting and plucking times

·       Killing and healing times

·       Breaking and building times

·       Weeping and laughing times

·       Mourning and dancing times  

·       Casting away and gathering times

·       Embracing and alone times

·       Gaining and losing times

·       Keeping and letting go times

·       Tearing and sewing times

·       Silent and speaking times

·       Loving and hating times

·       Fighting and forgiving times

                                  — Ecclesiastes 3:1-8



All these times, and I am finding in a fresh new way, they all fit into one of His hands!  Is there anything too big for God?  No! 



I can trust Him. 


I will trust Him.


I must trust Him!

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