Live in a Big World


“You shall have no other gods before Me.” 

(Exodus 20:3)



As a high-school senior I lived in a medium-sized city in south Alabama.  After classes were over I practiced football and then went to work at a shoe store as an assistant manager and shoe salesman.



Between school, football and my job I had very little time for anything else.  But every weekend I would go to “Wise’s field,” a solitary pasture away from the lights of town, and spend hours gazing up at the stars.



My interests were not confined to boxes of shoes and schoolbooks, grammar and history.  I was spending time in a larger world.



Do you live in a big world or a small one?  If you live in a small world, you may find that your interests are concerned with the size of your paycheck, the amount of popularity you enjoy, the talents you demonstrate or the accomplishments you’ve made.



There is nothing wrong with success.  Providing for your family is an admirable thing.  All of us want to be loved and appreciated.  Striving to be the best you can be is a good thing.



The problem is that all of these things can become walls which shut out our view of a larger world.  Some of our daily ambitions and achievements can fence in our view. 



If I were to ask you, “do you worship other gods than the one true God?” you might say, “of course not!”  But have you acted in such a way that other things have held greater importance than your relationship with Him?



 It is possible to dwell in a very small world of “things” and fail to make the God of heaven and earth supreme in our daily lives.  A person ignores the first commandment when he permits his own small interests to come between him and the stars.


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