“Where there is no vision, the people perish…” – Proverbs 29:18


   Tom Fatjo is into garbage.  Oh, he hasn’t always been.  He used to be a quiet, efficient accounting executive.  He was another one of those prim and proper Rice University graduates who was going to play it straight, dodge all risk, and settle down easily into a life of the predictable. 



Everything was running along as planned until the night Tom found himself surrounded by a roomful of angry homeowners.  As he sat among all those irritated people at Willowbrook Civic Club in the southwestern section of Houston, his internal wheels began to turn.



   You see, the city had refused to pick up their garbage at the back door of their homes.  They had hired a private company to do it, but now that company was having serious problems.  Needless to say, uncollected garbage in the hot Texas sun was not a pretty prospect.



   Tom Fatjo spent a sleepless night rolling over a crazy idea in his head. A dream too unreal to admit to anyone had spawned a series of incredible thoughts.  The results were the purchase of a garbage truck and a ten-year adventure that evolved into the largest solid-waste disposal company in the world.  Its annual sales were (are you ready for this?) $500 million.



   Just think, it all started with a garbage truck.  No, it started with a dream.



   What can happen when we DARE to dream?  What can happen when we SHARE a dream?  The Bible teaches that without a dream we are lifeless.  It then stands to reason that if we dare to dream and share a dream, the life of the Lord can flow through us! 

    I don’t want to settle for dreariness when I can dream! I don’t want to settle, period!


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