The Bell Lap

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith.”   — 2 Timothy 4:7


If you have ever watched the Olympic track and field events on television then you are familiar with the “bell lap.”  The last lap of the race is signaled by the ringing of a bell.  Excitement always mounts, anticipation always builds and efforts always increase when that final lap begins.  The bell indicates the finish line is just ahead.



Dear ones, I really believe that we are living in the “bell lap” concerning the history of the church.  The race has been run faithfully by so many who have gone before us.  Now we are on the final sprint to the end.  Our “bell lap” contains the greatest challenges, the most intense hardships, the deepest joys, the most glorious victories.



My heart is broken, as I know yours is, over those who are deciding to drop out of the race before the finish line.  In Olympic competition it would be unthinkable for one who has trained all of their life to drop out of such an important race on the last lap!  It should also be unthinkable to us who love the Lord Jesus that we would drop out of the race set before us. 


 As we see the finish line, our hearts should be strengthened to give our best in every area of our life.  To witness, worship, serve and love with the greatest possible fervor is our reasonable response to “the bell.”



    The bell has rung, the finish line is near, the trumpet will soon sound, so…run, run, run.


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