God Shows the Way


“But this is the one to whom I will look, to the humble and contrite in spirit, who trembles at my word.”  — Isaiah 66:2


Between the humble and contrite heart and the majesty of Heaven there are no barriers; the only password is prayer.



        James Gilmour, a missionary to Mongolia, was once asked to treat some wounded soldiers.  Although Gilmour was not a doctor, he had some knowledge of first aid, so he felt he should help the men the best he could.  He cleaned and dressed the wounds of two of the soldiers, but the third man’s leg was badly broken.  The missionary had no idea what to do for such an injury.



        Kneeling beside the man, he humbly asked the Lord for guidance.  He rose, confident that help would be supplied.  No sooner had he finished his prayer than a group of beggars came up and asked Gilmour for money.  His heart went out to them, and he hurriedly gave them a small gift and a few kind words.



        One weary beggar remained behind as the others left.  The man was little more than a walking skeleton.  Immediately, Gilmour realized that the Lord had brought him a living anatomy lesson!  He asked the elderly beggar if he might examine him.  Carefully tracing the femur bone with his fingers, he discovered what he needed to do to set the soldier’s fractured leg.



        The desire of the Lord is to have a relationship with us that is real, personal, and powerful.  That is why He sent Jesus Christ, His only son, to die for our sins.  That is why He has invited all who believe and trust in Him to join Him in the greatest opportunity of all – prayer!



 No matter what circumstance or emergency we may find ourselves in, if we will come to God with a humble heart, admitting we don’t know what to do, He will answer us, and show us the way.  God is no respecter of persons.  What He did for James Gilmour, He will do for you!


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