“Small Things”

10“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…”

(Zechariah 4:10)



          We are admonished in our day to “major on the majors.”  The Bible teaches that it is the “small thing” that can be the major issue in our lives.  Small things can afford the greatest opportunities.  In the life of David, it was his faithfulness in keeping his father’s sheep that lead to the opportunity to confront and defeat the giant, Goliath.  David’s private experience in deliverance from the lion and the bear lead to his confidence in the Lord’s faithfulness in the most public of battles.



          Small things can also cause us to experience the greatest blessings.  In 1 Kings 17, a widow in Zeraphath was asked to donate “a little cake of bread” to the man of God.  As little as it was, it was all that she had.  Her sacrifice, unnoticed by the world, was rewarded by God.  Her bowl of flour and her jar of oil were supernaturally filled for the duration of a three year famine as a result of the “small thing” she did.



          Small things can also be the doorway to the closest fellowship with God.  The mere touch of the hem of His garment (Mark 5), the broken box of perfume (Luke 7), the five barley loaves and two fishes (John 6), all may seem insignificant to a world that seeks after some dramatic sign; but each of these brought a closeness of fellowship with the Lord that was life changing!



          As we approach a new month with all of its opportunities and all of its unknowns, I offer a challenge:  Don’t think big – think small!  It could turn your world upside down!


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